Torfaen App for Vulnerable Residents

In response to the COVID19 situation, Torfaen Council launched ‘Torfaen Community Support’, a Mobile App to help quickly and easily link Torfaen’s most vulnerable residents with volunteers who can help support them. Full details at the relevant Torfaen Website page.

National Surveillance Programme

Blaenavon Medical Practice is participating in a national surveillance programme that provide continuous monitoring of infectious diseases in the community. The programme is being co-ordinated by the Royal College of General Practitioners Research (RCGP) and Surveillance Centre (RSC). All data collected will be pseudonymised which means that patients are identified by a unique identifier (pseudonym) which means your identity is not revealed. Providing this data does not affect any patient, care or privacy.

The purpose of collecting this data is to support public health, including the evaluation of vaccine effectiveness.

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