Individual Health Record

What is the Welsh GP Record?

A summary of important information from your full GP medical record:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Current medication and medication you have been prescribed in the last two years
  • Allergies or any adverse reactions
  • Current problems or diagnosis
  • Results of any recent tests you have had in the previous year, for example, blood tests and x-rays

It does not include any private discussions you may have had with your GP.

Who can look at my Welsh GP Record?

  • Hospital doctors and nurses directly involved in your care
  • Doctors and nurses working in the GP out of hours service and directly involved  in your care
  • Hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians directly involved in your care

Your record can be accessed by the person caring for you wherever you are in  Wales, even if you are visiting a different part of the country. The record will not be available outside Wales.

In the future community-based pharmacists, emergency services first responder and advanced paramedics directly involved in your care, will also have access to your Welsh GP Record.

What if I don’t want my Welsh GP Record shared?

The person looking after you will ask permission to look at your record at each and every consultation. You can refuse permission by simply saying ‘no’.

If you don’t want your medical information to be shared then you will need to tell your GP practice that you want to opt out. Before deciding you should look at the Welsh GP Record patient website or talk to your GP practice about your concerns as opting out could make a difference to the care you receive.