Social Distancing at the Practice

Blaenavon Medical Practice 


Additional safety precautions to protect patients, staff, and families

During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients who need medical care should seek treatment and we actively encourage you to continue using our services. Blaenavon Medical Practice has taken steps to ensure patients can safely access our services while minimising the spread of COVID-19.  We remain open and are practising social distancing.

If you would like to see a GP, you are able to do this, but you must telephone the practice first (01495 360663). Please do not just turn up at the practice without an appointment.  

When you phone the practice, your details will be taken, and arrangements will be made for a GP to ring you back.  If, after your conversation with the GP, you have been asked to attend the premises for an appointment, we respectfully ask that you follow the guidelines we have put in place for the safety of everyone.

  • Keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and other patients and staff at all times.
  • Upon arrival at reception you will be asked to use the alcohol gel on your hands.
  • You will be provided with an antibacterial wipe and tissue for you to clean your chair prior to sitting down.  The wipe and tissue must be placed in the orange clinical waste bin in the waiting area.
  • Chairs have been placed at 2 metre distances from the nearest chair, and we ask that you do not move the chair.
  • Once you have chosen your seat, we ask that you do not swap chairs, and remain seated on this chair until your name is called for your appointment.
  • We have introduced a restricted patient policy.  We request that only the patient attends for his/her appointment.  Anyone attending with the patient could be asked to wait outside the premises.  The exceptions to this would be carers, and also we ask that only one parent accompanies a child who has been asked to attend the practice. 
  • The waiting area can only accommodate about 12 patients at any one time, so we ask that you stick to your appointment time.  
  • If you arrive late there, you may not be seen and alternative arrangements may be offered.  
  • If you arrive early you may be asked to leave and attend again at your appointment time.
  • If you have a face mask, we would encourage you to wear it.  You will see members of the surgery team wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • If you have received information on shielding, please let us know and we will try to make arrangements for you to be seen when the practice is less busy, or we may ask you to use an alternative entrance. 
  • If your appointment has been booked in advance, and you feel unwell on the morning of your appointment, do not attend. Please ring and speak to the GP or Practice Nurse first.

If you have been asked to attend the practice because it is suspected you may be suffering from COVID-19, you will be seen in our isolation room.  

We request that you:

  • Adhere to the appointment time you have been given.
  • Telephone the practice upon arrival to site.  They will let you know when it is safe for you to enter the premises.
  • On entry into the building, you will be immediately directly to the isolation room, and we request that you close the door behind you upon entry into that room.
  • There will be PPE (which could include a mask, gloves and apron) for you to wear once inside the isolation room, and we ask that you put this on straight away.  Instructions are provided on how to wear the PPE.

Thank you for your help in helping us to achieve effective social distancing.  We look forward to continuing to meet the healthcare needs of the community we serve, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Patient safety, along with the safety of our care team, is our top priority. We want to assure you that we are monitoring and updating our practices daily to ensure we are following the latest recommendations.